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You must have a lot of questions about the crystals & bracelets.

So, we've prepared this FAQ page to help you save time.

Last updated: April 18, 2022

Q. Even after trying many times, I don't get into a good relationship. If I get, then it breaks up. Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Wear Yin & Yang or Shiv Shakti Combo.

Q. I am trying to conceive baby from long time but not able to. Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Nav Shakti or Moonstone.

Q. I am not able to concentrate on my studies and often fail in exams. Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Inner Strength Bracelet.

Q. I want my manifestation to come true. Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Blossoming Abundance.

Q. I feel myself to be very weak and in depressed state. Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Muladhara Bracelet.

Q. I want to come out of my past and focus on my future. Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Black Tourmaline Bracelet.

Q. I get angry very often, mind is in stressed and anxious state. Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Serenity Bracelet.

Q. I feel that there is dark energy around me and I also have nightmares. There is always a fear of insecurity in me and I feel like I'm unstable. Which Bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Black tourmaline.

Q. Due to lack of confidence in me, I feel that I always get disappointment in my personal life. Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Wear Atmana bracelet.

Q. Whenever I go to an interview, I get rejected or I get fired after a few months of selection. What bracelet should I wear for this?

Ans. Inner Strength + Blossoming Abundance.

Q. Do I need to cleanse the bracelet every day before I go to bed?

Ans. No, cleanse it on the weekend or month-end.

Q. Can I give my bracelet to someone else to wear?

Ans. Never make this mistake or else that bracelet will stop working for you.

Q. Which bracelet takes us forward in our spiritual journey and helps us to fulfill our soul purpose?

Ans. Suadhyay Bracelet.

Q. I lack confidence and feel very weak. I am depressed and get frustrated very quickly which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Suadhisthana Bracelet.

Q. I want to manifest my true love. How can I bring my true love into my life? Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Anjana Bracelet. It opens up your third eye Chakra and helps you find your true love.

Q. What if my bracelet is broken?

Ans. Even if your bracelet breaks it's completely ok, you can cleanse it and wear it again but if this is happening again and again, then you have to leave it in a river showing gratitude to it. Actually, the main reason why crystals or bracelets break is that they protect you by taking your darkness into themselves.

Q. I am Manglik, can I wear bracelets?

Ans. Of course, you can.

Q. I want abundance in my professional life which bracelet should I choose?

Ans. Inner Strength.

Q. Do we need to remove our bracelets when we are intimate or making love?

Ans. Of course not, you don't need to remove it if you are comfortable.

Q. Do we need to remove it when we are in periods?

Ans. No, You don't need to.

Q. In which hand should we wear the bracelet?

Ans. Depends on your issues and bracelets.

Q. Can we wear more than one bracelet in our hands?

Ans. Yes, you can.

Q. I am a non-vegetarian, can I wear bracelets too? And do I have to follow some rules for that?

Ans. If you wear or keep energized crystals or bracelets with you, then it is better that you give up non-vegetarian food, if for some reason you cannot, then at least take off your bracelet while eating and keep it somewhere else.

Q. If I don't like wearing a bracelet, can I keep it in my bag?

Ans. Yes, you can.

Q. Which bracelet reduces health problems?

Ans. We have just launched 2 bracelets out of which one is named Pratyahara and the other is Nav Shakti, you can wear any one of these bracelets.

Q. Is it necessary to do meditation and yoga even after wearing a bracelet?

Ans. Yes, of course, if you stop doing yoga or meditation after wearing the bracelet, it will be the same as giving up abstinence while taking medicines. No medicine can work well without a proper diet and the same is with crystals.

Q. Is there any bracelet that can fix my personal and professional life?

Ans. Love & Luck Bracelet.

Q. Can I wear and remove the bracelet whenever I wish to? And if yes then any specific place to store it when not wearing it?

Ans. Of course Darling you can remove it, Nobody can keep wearing it all the time so it's completely ok if you remove it and yes find a clean and sacred place to store it.

Q. Which bracelet should I wear for my career growth and skin issues?

Ans. Inner Strength for Career and rose quartz or Serenity for skin-related issues if you have hormonal imbalance issues then please wear the original Moonstone.

Q. How to know which bracelet is for me? I am confused.

Ans. You can visit our app, Our app is in 2 languages, so you can easily understand the details given there. Everything from the size of each bracelet to the benefits. Even after this, if you do not understand which bracelet you want, then you can feel free to wear Nav Shakti Bracelet which we have recently launched.

Q. I'm stuck in my past, I always repeat mistakes and I have trust issues, I'm shy and nervous, I push people away from me and I feel lonely which bracelet should I wear in this situation?

Ans. Wear Anahata Bracelet. It will heal your heart chakra and you will get rid of all these problems slowly.

Q. Can you please tell me why we should wear crystals?

Ans. Watch this video I recently uploaded - https://youtu.be/onEAtFuhc1w

Q. Can I wear Yin & Yang bracelet even If I'm single or don't know about my connection if it's a soulmate, karmic or twin flame?

Ans. Yes, You can wear it, it will help you find a perfect match and if you are already in a relationship it will make your connection stable and stronger.

Q. Which is the best/suitable bracelet for all sun/moon signs for career related issues?

Ans. Our Inner Strength Bracelet. It helps you grow faster, Enhances your Confidence and gives your clarity. Students can also have it.

Q. I want stability in my personal and professional life. Which bracelet should I wear?

Ans. Wear Love & Luck Bracelet.

Q. Can we take off our pendant and bracelet while taking shower?

Ans. You can, no issues.

Q. Do I need to put my bracelet in water every day?

Ans. Not at all, you should keep your bracelet in water for about 15-30 minutes at the end of the month or weekend or when your conscience pushes you to cleanse it.

Q. I felt very sleepy when I kept the crystal near me or wore the bracelet. Is this normal?

Ans. Absolutely, although this does not happen with everyone. But if it happens with you, take it easy, it's completely normal after a few hours or weeks. Its effect wears off and you will feel calm and light. This mostly happens to those who are either under a lot of stress or who have a connection with higher power. As it reduces your stress, your brain which is tired comes to relief and starts desiring to sleep. For those who are connected with higher power, it strengthens their connection even more.

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